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Why choose our site

The encyclopedia has achieved success in a short period of time, and is considered among the best Internet sites, and it has a wide reputation in the Arab world and internationally, and it is an Arab project that aims primarily to enrich content in the world of the Internet.
Therefore, it provides a respectable budget until it is developed and continued due to the huge requirements that the project needs and uses

The encyclopedia officials initially decided not to place any ads on any page in the encyclopedia, but due to the project’s growth very quickly, it needs more resources and therefore ads were placed on a certain part of the pages and no ads were placed on the home page, and instead an ad space would be allocated Exclusive on the first page of the encyclopedia and another advertisement space for sponsors at the end of each page of the encyclopedia.

First: an exclusive space on the home page

Exclusive space up

An exclusive space will be allocated for a certain period according to some of the following terms and features:

  • The advertising space is placed on the home page only.
  • The ad is exclusive without any other ads on the page.
  • An exception is made for the logo of any company sponsoring the encyclopedia, which is placed at the footer at the end of the page.
  • The period of advertisement, renewal and payment shall not be less than six months.
  • The ad space is 728 x 90 and it is 100% responsive. An exception can be accepted and other dimensions can be discussed if they do not affect the layout of the page.
  • The advertiser has the freedom to choose the type of advertisement, static or dynamic, provided that the specified space is adhered to, whether it is a logo, products or services
  • Priority shall be given to the advertiser whose contract has expired in discussing the offer to renew the advertisement or placing another advertisement.
The site reserves the right to reject certain advertising categories or any advertisement that affects public taste or considers it a violation of its policy.

The project's sponsors have an honorary advertising space for them at the footer of the site and on all pages, amounting to approximately 2 million pages, a huge number that ensures its daily appearance for thousands from all countries of the world.
It remains for the sponsor to choose the way they prefer to occupy the space in exchange for our support, such as a logo, a name, a product...etc.
The sponsor is not bound by any contract or conditions
It is not obligated to a specific amount or service, but the types of official sponsors and their medals are arranged according to the degree of their support for the encyclopedia and their continuity.

  • Strategic Sponsor
  • Diamond Sponsor
  • Golden Sponsor
  • Silver Sponsor
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Thank you very much for your time and interest.
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